for Users to Users ! The human network.

A human exchange network, only for humans

UUnivers is an Internet made by humans for humans, without any private data processing. UUnivers aims to alleviate a computer that has become too virtual, too technical and inhuman.

To achieve these goals, we propose 3 products.

  • UUnivers, used by members, it is the communication software for all, without menu or technical configuration.
  • UUconnect, used by the builders, it is the decentralized infrastructure, without data storage, with 0 carbon footprint.
  • UUaccess, is the security box, which ensures the privacy of every human being.

Each of the building blocks of this new Internet allows each human being to build his or her unique universe of computer data, without a data server and without depending on a computer engineer.

As in the real world with paper, everyone organizes his documents according to his desires, his conditions and his personal or professional needs.

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Everyone takes over the services provided and can redistribute them to their private or professional network, according to their needs.


Exchange e-mails, chats, messages, files, photos, videos, music, whether you are connected to the Internet or not.


Control the lifespan of your data wherever it is.


Without data servers, your data is sent from your computers directly to the recipients of your choice.


Your UUnivers interface is like you, without software updates, it evolves with you !


Everyone earns an income based on their networking activity.

Decentralized organisation

Everyone creates their own network without heavy infrastructure, adapted to their desires.

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You want to create a new internet with us.
Do you want an internet where you manage your private data safely, you want a more human internet ?

Work place

Working where you are.

Way of doing

Working your way.

No menu

An infinite number of possibilities for everyone.

No configuration

No technical configuration.


Before version 1.0, we create the community that creates UUnivers according to their private or professional needs.

Come and create a human internet with us and your desires.

License suitable for self-employed and private individuals, up to small businesses.
  • Lifetime use of UUnivers software.
  • Honorary member
  • Includes a UUaccess box
  • Unlimited exchanges
  • Private and business use
  • Ideal for secure group exchanges
  • Minimum 30% revenue on UUnivers® Shop sale
  • Addresses in the name of the company « @company.com »
  • UUnivers® version 0.50, available.
  • UUnivers® version 1.00 for the public, available in 2022 (under development with you to better suit your personal needs).
  • Drawn the future with our team
  • Free passive member of Shainde association

The amount of CHF 9'888.- is an advance, for the control and acceptance of our general terms and conditions. In case of cancellation of the order, due to internal costs, only 60% of the advance will be refunded. Please contact us to find out if you can comply with the general conditions.

License suitable to companies, service companies, governments and multinationals.
  • Unlimited exchanges
  • Business and public use
  • Ideal for the secure exchanges of a company or an administration
  • Minimum 40% revenue on UUnivers® Shop sale
  • Suitable for tertiary sector
    Notaries, Lawyers, Fiduciaries, Doctors, Banks, Wealth Management, Regional Administration, Public Administration, International Companies.
  • Not includes a UUconnect box
  • One Member License included for address name « @company.com »
  • Free passive member of Shainde association

General terms and conditions

The primary goal is social

The social purpose of this human internet is to help structurally those who do not have access to it, by sending them books, novels. We are allowing those who are fortunate enough to have computers to provide some general education for children in need. This is our project «Shainde». That's why we have very precise conditions for users.

A Member or a Builder of UUnivers is either a person or a group of persons, whether it is called: neighborhood, city, canton, country, group of countries, philosophy, religion, institution, private or public interest association, foundation, cooperative, public or limited liability company, etc...

The General terms and Conditions below are required to use the UUnivers software and tools.

You can download the general terms and conditions in French at http://cg.uunivers.io.



We would like to meet you in Switzerland, between human beings. If you can't come to Switzerland, we can discuss in videoconference with secure servers.


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